Why Bully Me?


Why Bully Me? is about a school-age child who suffers from being bullied at school by another student and can’t seem to understand why the bully decides to pick on him. Why Bully Me? was written by first-time kid author. Cameron’s inspiration to write a book on bullying extended from an incident that he was involved in at school that consisted of him hanging around a student that was caught bullying another student, and later had to suffer from consequences. After his experience with that, he was excited to learn more about the cause and actions behind bullying. Why Bully Me? is sure to help spread awareness, by identifying some of the key facts about school bullies and types of bullying behavior: Physical Bullying, Emotional Bullying, and Face- to- Face Bullying. Why Bully Me? is sure to remind every reader that you are not what people say you are; you are SMART, INTELLIGENT, and UNIQUE- most of all you are a LEADER!!

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