Better Than Coffee


For all you coffee and tea lovers, this book is a heartwarming love story of a family, once divided by anger, brokenness, and shame from a history of unhealthy addictions, who recovers with God’s healing. These family and friends meet regularly trying to resolve their troubles over “Coffee Talk,” learn later, that although coffee provides them with temporary comfort, God becomes their ultimate comfort, for every walk of their lives. Over time, these family and friends learn to reprioritize their way of living as God’s healing begins to rebuild and establish new relationships in their lives. Although they are still able to enjoy their family and friends’ get-togethers, having “coffee talks” “tea talks” become a fun way to share their happiness as they learn how to get free from unhealthy addictions, brokenness, or despair in their lives from God’s help and the support of one another. Although the characters are fictional, the power of God and Christianity is real. May each reader be inspired to love God and enjoy coffee or tea, and to share their blessings and life’s adventures with their loved ones

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