This collection includes books written by or about the lives of historical and prominent figures.

Children 0-8

This collection contains picture books most suitable for kids 8 and under.

This collection contains chapter books suitable for children 9-12.


This collection contains works written in the early 20th century and prior.

General Fiction

This collection is a catch all of fictional works geared toward adult readers.


A collection of works centered around the African diaspora.

Mystery & Horror

This collection includes works of mystery, thriller, and horror.

New Releases

This collection includes works published recently.


This collection is

written expressions of life,

(Haikus and others!)

Race & Culture

This collection contains books centered on social commentary, sociology, and political analysis.

Religion & Spirituality

This collection includes works from major Religions (Islam, Christianity) and spiritual beliefs.


This collection contains love stories both fictional and real.

Sci Fi & Fantasy

This collection contains fictional works centered around futuristic and or magical worlds geared toward adults.

Young Adult Fiction

This collection contains works of fiction geared toward Young Adults.

Young Adult Non-Fiction

This collection houses non-fiction titles geared toward Young Adults.