Niche Book Bar was the solution when a life-long reader asked herself why it was so hard to find Black literature in a wide variety of genres? This Milwaukee based bookstore is committed to showcasing Black books both new and used, created locally and worldwide!

To complete this community literary experience, coffee, tea, baked goods, as well as a simple wine menu, are all ready to pair with a good book. Whether it is Children’s or Classics, History or Fantasy, Niche Book Bar has something for the whole family! COMING SOON!

We Have a Home!!




Cetonia Weston
Is the founder of Niche Book Bar and The Black Author’s Collective. She is a lover of speculative fiction and that new book smell. Cetonia is also the Author of The Misadventures of Toni Macaroni children’s book series and hopes to spread the joy of a good book!

Head Librarian

“Lauren is a Milwaukee native and lifelong reader. She believes in the power of books to transport, transcend, and educate. Her favorite genres include high fantasy, thrillers, and political nonfiction.”


“Joshua likes technology subjects like engineering, biology, and computer engineering. Is he a self-proclaimed scientist and the “well actually” kinda guy? You’ll have to come in and find out!” Visit him for your comic and graphic novel needs!